Histroy tells

The Kuressaare City Theater was established as a subsidiary of the city of Kuressaare in 1998, and the newly renovated theater building was opened to the public on December 4, 1999 with the dramatization of Albert Uustulnd’s novel “Tuulte tallermaa”, directed by Väino Uibo. On July 1, 2019, the foundation of the previously operating urban theater was formed, and since then the theater has been called Kuressaare Theater.

The history of the theater house in the current theater house dates back to the end of the 19th century. The year 1924 is considered to be the beginning of systematic theater activities in Kuressaare, when Jaan Metua started working as a play director and director in the theater house, and since 1935 the theater has a professional, officially named Kuressaare Theater. After the closing of the Kuressaare Theater, the district culture house, later the club of the officers of the occupation army, operated in the historical building of the Kuressaare Estonian Society. With the re-independence of Estonia, the idea of ​​renovating the house arose. The rather dilapidated building was reopened to spectators in 1999 as a theater house.

Today, Kuressaare Theater is an open small theater with a definite repertoire. An important part of the repertoire is Estonian dramaturgy, especially dramatizations of local themes and plays and literary materials by local writers.